Exploring the face of mystery

I was born with a restless spirit and an inquiring mind which has led me on a lifelong quest for truth and meaning.  I seek inspiration from ancient mystics and modern neuroscience equally.  My journey has brought me through some very interesting territories of spiritual philosophy and experiences – this blog documents some of the ongoing steps on that path.


I have a Master’s degree in Teaching from Union Graduate College in Schenectady, NY, and am a NYS certified English Teacher.  I have been writing articles on the topic of meditation, spirituality, and wellness since 1995.

I  lead the drum program and a weekly meditation class at my local yoga studio. I have been playing hand drums for the past 20 years or so, taking classes from a wide range of teachers from diverse traditions. I have been teaching hand drum techniques for the past decade, and love the magic that happens when playing with others in drum circles. My experience has taught me that rhythm is inside us all, and I enjoy the playful process of tapping into the energy of joy that drumming brings.

I  had the remarkable good fortune to learn meditation at a very early age when my grandfather, a retired doctor, decided to teach the whole family transcendental meditation and hypnosis when I was only four years old. The practice has been an integral part of my life for the past 40 years, and I continue to explore, learn, and share with others as I go.

I am also a devoted yogini who has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and I intend to pursue my yoga teacher training when the path forward presents itself.

I have been researching the emotional, physical, and spiritual uses of essential oils since 2005, and enjoy creating custom blends for friends and family.

You can often find me tending my gardens.

Influential Teachers

Drumming: Nataraj Houser, Middle Eastern; Daveed Korup, Sayeed Abbas, African; Steve Zone, contemporary improvisation.

Meditation: Buddha.

Yoga: Yodney Yee, Eric Schiffman, James Danoff-Burg, Andrea Fortuin.

Essential Oils: Marge Clark of Nature’s Gift

Current Studies/Exploration

I maintain a regular practice of yoga and meditation. As a drummer, I practice regularly to improve my skills, and I’m always looking for new techniques and percussion toys.  I am particularly interested in cognitive neuroscience and how the brain is changed through techniques such as drumming and meditation.

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