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Blue Moon


On August 31, 2012, there will be a full moon.  Since it is the second full moon in the calendar month, it is considered a “blue moon”.  Inspired by the occasion, I decided to try and blend an aromatic oil that tapped into the essence of this rare August harvest moon.

With the idea of a blue moon in mind, I started the blend with the beautiful Blue Lotus infusion as the soft floral top note.  I added a wee bit of Clary Sage for the sense of dreamy euphoria it can inspire, then added the herbal notes of Coriander and Palo Santo to remind me of the heady aromas of the herbal harvest.  Finally, I anchored them all with the earthy richness of Vetiver.

It was tricky to find the right balance between these notes.  Clary Sage can be deceptively overpowering in a blend.  It doesn’t strike the nose with force, and yet it can easily take over.  Although the Blue Lotus infusion is the richest Lotus in my collection, I had to tilt the ratio heavily in favor of the Lotus to balance the Clary Sage.

The Coriander and Palo Santo bond in a lovely way.  The coriander is spicy and herbal, which plays well to Palo Santo’s sweeter, more persistent bouquet.  Together, they balance and hold the middle notes of the blend.  I needed a strong base note to anchor the ethereal top notes and the fresh herbal middle notes.  Vetiver pulls them together beautifully, embracing them with its deeply earthy sweetness.

Blue Moon Aromatic
9 Blue Lotus Infusion
1 Clary Sage
2 Palo Santo
1 Coriander
2 Vetiver

Lotus couples a subtle aroma with a powerful emotional and spiritual effect.  It brings serenity and tranquility. Lotus puts the mind in a state of relaxed awareness, as through a veil has been lifted, allowing a deeper understanding, and a brightening of vision.  It helps open the crown and third eye chakras.

Clary Sage enlivens the senses and dispels illusion, restoring clarity.  It’s known for it’s mental-emotional uplift and euphoria.  It helps restore a “felt instinct” for our life’s true purpose.  By restoring lucidity to the instincts, clary sage allows inspiration to flow.

Palo Santo is grounding.  It helps open, align, and connect the chakras.  It is a useful aid to meditation and is used for spiritual cleansing and renewal.

Coriander has a reputation as a euphoric and aphrodisiac.  Combining a warm and woody serenity with peppery stimulation, the oil both calms and uplifts, making it good for worry and anxious overthinking.  It imbues a feeling of security, peace, and earthly permanence.  Yet it couples this with a feeling of spontaneity and passion, and seeks to achieve stability without denying joy.

Vetiver relaxes an overheated, hyperactive mind and nurtures an insecure self-identity. The oil imbues us with the calm, reassuring strength of Mother Earth, and her deep sense of belonging.  Whether mentally exhausted from overwork, or out of touch with our body and its needs, Vetiver sedates and yet restores us – centers and reconnects us – closing the gap between Spirit and matter.

May this full moon offer you a moment of reflection and beauty.  Namaste.

Blue Lotus Love


yoga lake

The very first oil blend I ever created for myself had Lotus essential oil in it. That was seven years ago, and my love for this haunting ethereal aroma endures. I was first drawn to blending essential oils because I was fascinated by the emotional and spiritual potential of these potent substances. As a dedicated yoga practitioner, I actively seek the union of body, mind, and spirit, so essential oils are one of the means I employ. Because the Lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, it was one of the first oils I wanted to try.

I’ve experimented with White, Pink, and Blue Lotus, both full strength and in 10% dilution. Each one of these oils is subtly different in aroma, but all have a similar effect on the mind and spirit. Much as I expected to find from this sacred flower, Lotus brings serenity and tranquility, and supports a state of relaxed awareness, making it the ideal addition to a meditation blend. In fact, this first blend I made for myself was specifically designed to support my meditation practice, and I named the blend “Samadhi”, the yogic word that describes the final meditative state of bliss. For a blend with this high aspiration, I knew it had to contain Lotus.

Recently, my favorite supplier of essential oils, Marge Clark of Nature’s Gift, sourced a very special treat: Blue Lotus Infusion. When I first heard about how this oil was made, I knew I had to have a sample of an oil that was made with such painstaking dedication. As explained by Marge, “The producer [uses] equal amounts of pure Jojoba oil and fresh Blue Lotus blossoms. Seal, cover, allow to stand overnight. Drain off the jojoba, discarding the spent blossom, and add freshly picked blossoms to the Jojoba. Continue this process for 25 days. At the end of this period one is left with the most marvelously sweetly scented Blue Lotus infusion.” I knew I had to try it.

It was love at first sniff. Regular Lotus essential oil can be difficult to love undiluted. It has a deep, sharp undertone that frequently masks the more delicate floral notes it contains. Lotus is a water-borne plant. It roots in the mud, but floats upon the water. It really likes to be diluted to lift the more subtle notes out of the oil. On the other hand, the floral notes are so subtle that other oils can easily subdue it, making it a difficult note to elevate in a blend. But this Blue Lotus Infusion was different. It was bliss straight out of the bottle.

Knowing it was diffused in a skin-safe jojoba, I dabbed a drop on my wrist as soon as I could pull my nose out of the bottle. I was eager to see how it reacted to my skin chemistry, since some florals seem to fall flat on my skin. Blue Lotus Infusion held up beautifully, so I immediately filled my essendulum (a wearable sample bottle) so I could have this on hand throughout the day. Rarely have I ever fallen so in love with an oil, but this one was definitely just what I needed.

I lead a weekly meditation class, so of course I began using this oil in conjunction with meditation sessions. It is such a beautiful oil that it inspired a new meditation blend. I have been using it as an antidote to anxiety, grounding me in a time of great difficulty. It focuses my awareness on the present and brings peace when I let worry overtake me. It centers my mind and steadies my spirit. I call this blend Blue Dawn because it evokes the same sense of peace and optimism.

Blue Dawn:
4 parts Blue Lotus Infusion
2 parts Jasmine grandiflora 10%
1 part Patchouli
Equal parts frac. Coconut oil

As a devoted Jasmine lover, I usually prefer the Sambac variety, which has a richer, heavier floral than the grandiflora. I chose the lighter grandiflora here so that it wouldn’t overcome the sweetly delicate Lotus. The Patchouli is needed to ground this heady mixture, acting both as a perfume base as well as an emotional base. But be careful: a little Patchouli goes a long way; even diluted against the Lotus and Jasmine, people were able to detect the Patchouli immediately in this blend. But what a winning combination! I have been using this blend nearly every day as emotional support during a difficult and anxious time. Just pulling the stopper and taking a deep breath is enough to ground me and reconnect to the present.

This blend has been a true gift to me. I believe we are drawn towards oils that help us heal on whatever level needs healing. If we allow our intuition to inform our noses, we will be attracted to the oils we need most. Blue Lotus Infusion has become a powerful tool in my quest for serenity and peace.


(A copy of this article first appeared on the blog of Nature’s Gift on 26 April 2012. http://naturesgiftaromatherapy.blogspot.com/2012/04/blue-lotus-love.html I wholeheartedly endorse this company without any hesitation or reservation.  It’s ethically run by real people who care a lot about what they do.  If you are interested in essential oils, this is where you should get them.  And no, this is not a paid endorsement)